Ceres is the most advanced, innovative and complete Urodynamic System in the market
Designed to be easy to use and easy to set-up, providing a new level of user configurability.

Using the most advanced technology available, Ceres is able to perform the following studies:

- Wireless connection allows patient comfort/privacy
- Liverpool, Siroky, and Paediatric Nomograms

- Filling and Voiding
- Integrated filling pump and volume sensor
- Compliance and pressure volume plot
- ICS, Schafer, & Abrams-Griffiths pressure flow nomograms

Video-Urodynamics (optional)
- Analogue or Digital input Signals
- Real-time digital recording and replay
- BNC and USB Connections

Flyer in "pdf" format (english)

Urethral Pressure Profile
, Static and Dynamic. Puller (optional)
- Extensive analysis including mean static & mid-urethral response
- High sensitivity Electromyography (optional)
- Surface Electrodes, Bipolar Needles, Vaginal and Redal probes
- Wireless connection (Bluetooth)
- Pelvic Floor Rehabilitation Software
- Biofeedback (optional)
- Electromyography Biofeedback
- Biofeedback with pressure (Balloon)

Anorectal Manometry Software (optional)
- 5 pressure channels
- Integrated air perf usion pump
- Foot-pedat to allow hands free Operation
- Step-by-step prompts to guide user through study process

User Configurable Reports
- Based on Microsoft® Word, unlimited number of templates.
Integrated PDF convertor.

- Ceres allows the user to integrate with the Hospital Information System (H.I.S). Using DICOM (optional) technology, allows DICOM worklist and DICOM store.


Security (N.D.L.)
- Wiest Uropower Ltd. has developed the N.D.L technology. N.D.L. technology allows data recovery even when studies have not been specifically saved. Real time data processing and on-line storing gives an added security level on data management.

-Ceres uses Microsoft® SQL as the database engine. Microsoft® SQL has been proven over the years as the most advanced database engine in the market allowing users to back up manually or automatically to any location. Intelligent patient search allows faster study upload and review.

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